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hey there!

looking for tips on how to save money in australia? want to help others by passing on your favourite money saving and bargain hunting tips?

this is the place!!

some of us will be on low incomes and just looking to save in any way possible, while others will be looking to save in some ways so they can save for life's little luxuries and 'must-haves'! all welcome!!

people outside australia are welcome to join and post, however keep in mind that we don't have coupons and many of the same money saving ideas as you might have....

i will try to put all tips into the community memories, so it would be great if everyone could help out by using the subject line to specify a category & location if relevant. i'll add categories as they come up, will cross-save tips, and welcome ideas for new categories! Please note: I can only enter each entry into 5 categories, so please don't get too carried away with how many tips you put in each post, splitting them into several posts would be great - thanks!

don't forget, any tip, no matter how obvious to you, may help someone else who has never thought of it before :o)